3/5 Stories or Poems: The Trivial Task of Organizing

What to do with your second draft?

Oops, it's been more than two weeks (September 30) that I wrote my entries about how to find topics for everyday writing practice and how to improve your first draft! Now it's really time for me to keep my promise and let you know what should be done with practice texts.

Don't let your written material sit unattended for longer than a month, because you will end up hating all these pages of hardly legible handwritten text or even typed yet unorganized pieces.

It's much better to type your text in your computer, exactly as it is if you didn't get around to changing a thing. Corrections and changes can be made later on.

Set up files, best by year and month, and 'accommodate' your texts there (e.g. 2018/10, 2018/11 etc.)

Give each text a headline including

- the date of the first draft

- the prompt

- the category, e.g. autobio - fiction - poem - commentary - scene

- the name of your main character 

Your text's headline might then look like this: 2018/10/17 - Roads in Burundi - autobio/poem - Cyrill

This small effort will help you find your way through your own material easily in the future and learn from your own writing experience.